8 Jul 2014

24 Jun 2014


River Island bag and jeans/ Zara sandals/ Giorgio Armani sunglasses 

Hello, world! I'm happy to start again to work with my blog and I really apologize for my absence for few months. I returned from Italy, where I spent my time with my family and now I'm in Chisinau and I will live here for long time, because I would like to study in Academy of Music, Theater and Fine Arts and to become fashion designer. Good luck guys and enjoy some photos from my post!

4 May 2014



EN    At all times it was known that a professional is hard to find, that is why news about his work spread with the speed of light. They where appreciated and people had faith in them.
Today, the things are different, we have a variety of designers, but when we want to choose one, we don't know how. A big problem is the fast delivery of information to us and any new designer makes his name really fast, even if he is unskilled and without any creativity. This "fake designer" just copy pastes the clothes and changes the color and some details making them his own. Unfortunately the result and the quality is not so good...
The motto of our days is: To make money, but how, nobody should care.

How to distinguish a fake designer?

Talented people are time-tested. In present, there are a lot of talented people, who make amazing things. From my personal experience I understand that it is better to buy several good quality clothes, than to buy hundreds of "junk" clothes, cause they will not make you happy.
A good example is The Uniform Project by Sheena  who showed that  you can wear a black dress 365 days and combine it with different  accessories that will make your outfit  look completely different. In this project , Sheena obtained a great success. Now she is known all over the world. New York Times, The Guardian, CNN, BBC, Times London, LA Times, MSNBC, Vogue, Elle, Glamour, Marie Claire are only a few magazines that talked about her, and her black dress, that is great!

People don't want to spend money on clothes, but they spend more on buying bad quality clothes. However, each is entitled to wear whatever  they want , but in my opinion if you choose the best you feel better and have more self confidence.

RO    In toate timpurile se cunostea, ca un maestru  bun era foarte greu de gasit si  vestea despre lucrarile sale, se raspindea cu viteza luminii. De aceea, ei erau pretuiti si lumea avea incredere in ei.
In zilele noastre lucrurile stau altfel, avem o varietate de designeri , insa cand este vorba de a alege nu stim ce sa facem. Acum informatia se raspindeste foarte repede si un “designer fals”, lipsit de fantezie si de iscusinta, doar face un click pe copy/paste si schimbind culoarea si careva detalii, o da drept ca lucrarea sa si in majoriatea cazurilor, calitatea si interpretarea lasa de dorit. Deviza zilelor noastre - “principalul e sa facem bani, insa cum i-am obtinut pe cine il intereseaza”.

Cum sa deosebim un “designer fals”, de cel “adevarat”?

Oamenii talentati se verifica cu timpul. Actualmente, avem foarte multi oameni talentati, care fac lucruri incredibile. Din experienta proprie, am inteles ca, decit sa cumperi o suta de haine de proasta calitate, mai bine, zece si te vei bucura de ele multi ani inainte. Un exemplu bun este Sheena The Uniform Project un blogger, care prin exemplul sau a demonstrat, ca  poti purta o rochie neagra 365 de zile si sa o combini cu accesorii, astel tinuta v-a parea complet diversa. In urma acestui proiect, Sheena a obtinut un success nemaipomenit. Acum e cunoscuta in toata lumea, a fost publicata in New York Times, The Guardian, CNN, BBC, Times London, LA Times, MSNBC, Vogue, Elle, Glamour, Marie Claire si alte sute de reviste doar cu ajutorul unei rochii negre si aceasta e nemaipomenit.
Oamenii, nu vor sa cheltuie bani pe haine, insa cumparind zeci de haine necalitative, cheltuie mult mai mult.
Totusi, fiecare este in drept sa poarte ceea ce doreste, insa daca alegi o haina deosebita, dupa parerea mea, atunci si te simti deosebit si ai mai multa incredere in tine.